Manabu Shyuyou Shiatsu – 2019/2020 – EN


For the third year in a row we will host a Shyuyou Shiatsu course with Manabu Watanabe in Paris.

Manabu Watanabe is a shiatsu practitioner and teacher, graduated from the Namikoshi Shiatsu College of Tokyo, as well as an Aunkai instructor.
His skills in martial arts led him to teach from Asia to Europe, bringing along his shiatsu knowledge and running shiatsu workshops when travelling. Posture and Hara are at the very core of his practice, in both of his fields of expertise.

Shyuyou Shiatsu is born from Manabu Watanabe’s researches and his will to transmit his knowledge. This new method dives into the natural principles that allow us to sit, stand, walk and breathe.


First year

This is a 6 week-end course, sessions are run every two months over the 2019-2020 season in Paris:

2019 2020
September 21st-22nd #1 Paris January 11-12th #3 Paris
November 16-17th #2 Paris March 14-15th #4 Paris
May 21st to 24th #5 & #6 Paris

Second year

The second year is reserved to those who attended the first year. It spreads over 6 week-ends :

2019 2020
October 12-13th #1 Paris February 8-9th #3 Paris
November 23-24th #2 Paris April 18-19th #4 Paris
May 29th to June 1st
July 16-19th
#5 & #6 Paris


Every year, new modules are proposed to enrich your practice, and are a good complement to the main courses (1st/2nd/3rd years).

  • 2019/2020: Namikoshi Kata – practical applications of this Kata – 5 days.
    Open to everyone, no prerequisites.
2019 2020
September 28th Kata #1 January 18th Kata #3
December 7th Kata #2 March 21st
May 17th
June 20th
Kata #4
June 21st Kata #5

These courses are in English and translated into French.

For more information, please check the detailed presentation.

To make sure we have enough students to run this course, we will ask you to register in advance. Pre-registrations are to be performed before July 15th.

Questions & Registration:

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