Aunkaï Masterclass- Paris 2023

With Minoru Akuzawa, founder of Aunkaï Bujutsu


For the 20th anniversary of Aunkaï and after 3 years of absence, we are pleased to invite Minoru Akuzawa in Paris on Sunday, April 30th and on Monday, May 1st for two days of intensive practice.

Minoru Akuzawa

Minoru Akuzawa sensei, founder of Aunkai.

Born in Gunma prefecture, Japan, Akuzawa sensei started Tai Chi when he was 16 and the art of Hsing-Yi when he was 19.

In 1989, he placed first in his weight class at the Liang Gang Cup International Sanda Tournament. Shortly after he met several individuals within the Japanese Koryu world who placed little importance on the trappings of form and shunned the limelight.

Instead they focused on the core conditioning methods necessary to create an individual expression of Bujutsu, rather than adhere to a set method or form.

The intensive training with these individuals caused him to re-evaluate everything he had experienced, eventually shifting his focus to the basics of Bujutsu.

Incorporating what he had learned from his studies of both the Chinese arts and Japanese Koryu, he has since arrived at his own interpretations of what he has experienced and is currently furthering his studies into Bujutsu.

Link: Aunkai Honbu Tokyo

What is Aunkaï ?

Within the martial arts world there are many styles and methods of training the body. But what does training the body actually mean? What is at the essence of these various techniques?
I’m sure many people have experienced frustration when a certain technique does not yield the results they expected.

Perhaps this means that it is not about method or technique. For a method or technique to work, the body must first be rigorously trained and developed according to the fundamental principles that govern human movement. As the body develops and absorbs these physical principles, it can begin to act in accordance with martial principles.

“Technique” is only a product of a body that has been trained to intuitively understand the most natural and efficient ways to move in a martial context.

There are many different interpretations of the word “training.” Depending upon how a person approaches this concept, he or she can lose track of the real nature of Bujutsu. People by their very nature are creatures of habit. As such interpretation is often clouded by preconceptions derived from habits acquired in everyday life, much more than many realize. In Bujutsu it is important to observe your own body from an objective point of view if you hope to improve.

Here at Aunkai, we first recognize our preconceptions and notions, then attempt to tune the body through certain training methods in order to discover movement of the human body that is in accord with certain principles.

Our focus is on the creation and usage of a martial body. We have members with backgrounds in many different styles such as Karate, Aikido, Muay Thai, MMA, etc. Anyone from any style is accepted here at Aunkai.

Sunday, April 30th / Monday, May 1st

We offer two days of intensive practice with Minoru Akuzawa, assisted by Manabu Watanabe Hanshi and French instructors. It is a rare opportunity to benefit from high quality teachings, directly from the founder.

Class will be held from 9:30am to 5:30pm (6 hours of teaching per day) at:
L’Annexe, 12 rue Pierre Castagnou, 75014 Paris.
Metro Denfert-Rochereau / Gaité / Mouton-Duvernet

This Masterclass is open to everyone, whatever your background or level is. Beginners are welcome, you don’t need to have attended Aunkaï class in the past to benefit from these teachings.



Aunkaï practitioners are expected to have an insurance covering injuries during practice. This is required for all seminars and classes, and we’ll ask you to provide an evidence.
We will offer a Kumakai membership that will cover this seminar for those who need one. Annual fee: 10€.

Price list

Half day60€3h of teaching
Day120€6h of teaching
2 days190€12h of teaching
2 days – Reduced price140€For those attending 2023 FI
Kumakai licence fee10€


To register for the Masterclass, please :

  • Download the Masterclass registration form, fill it and send it back to
  • If needed, download the Kumakai registration form, fill it and send it along with your Masterclass registration form
  • Issue the bank transfer with the full seminar fee or a deposit (60€) to confirm your booking. The full payment shall be issued before the beginning of the seminar.

Practical informations

Hotels close to the venue:
Hôtel restaurant Campanile Paris Montparnasse, 146 Avenue du Maine, 75014 Paris (indicative price: 115€/night)
Hôtel Ibis Paris Maine Montparnasse, 160 rue du Château, 75014 Paris (indicative price: 101€/night)
Hôtel Ibis Styles Paris Maine Montparnasse, 22 rue Hippolyte Maindron, 75014 Paris (indicative price: 107€/night)

Japanese meal for lunch (15€/meal, coming soon).

For more information please reach us:

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